VAWAViolence Against Women Act of 1994 (US)
VAWAVancouver Amateur Winemakers Association (Canada)
VAWAViolence Against Women Alliance (UK)
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But there is another origin story that deserves attention: the decades-long push for a federal response to sexual violence, culminating in the enactment of VAWA in 1994.
Some of the housing protections established through VAWA are specific to concerns facing individuals in federal housing programs.
Moreover, Indian tribes can only prosecute Indian offenders and cannot criminally prosecute non-Indians, except as authorized under VAWA.
48) Under ICRA, the only form of federal review available for a tribal criminal conviction is habeas corpus, although, under VAWA 2013, defendants petitioning a federal court for a writ of habeas corpus will also be able to seek a stay of detention from that court.
It extends VAWA coverage to "derivative" children who are included in their parents' petitions and whose parents die during the petition process.
Edwards Fights for Bipartisan Support of VAWA RealClearPolitics - Columbus Club A one-on-one interview with Congresswoman Donna Edwards, co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues, about the fight for gender justice and the Violence Against Women Act.
VAWA provides funding necessary for hotlines, law enforcement training and improving the scope oflaw enforcement in matters of suspected abuse.
THE BIPARTISAN SENATE VERSION of the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA was approved by the House and signed into law by President Obama.