VBGFVon Bertalanffy Growth Function
VBGFVästerbergslagens Geologiska Förening
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Estimated parameters of the VBGF for Arca noae in the Strait of Messina and Tyrrhenian Sea.
Through the use of growth parameter estimates derived from the VBGF, M was estimated from the empirical equation of Gislason et al.
Comparisons of VBGF indicated that the mean length-at-age-2 parameter did not differ (F = 0.
where L and K are VBGF parameters of asymptotic length and growth rate, Lmean is mean length and L ' is the cut-off length.
To further check for differences we added the aged fish to the VBGF data from Bahia de Los Angeles to see if it changed the parameters to any extent that could be considered significant.
is the carapace asymptotic width in cm, K is the VBGF growth coefficient (year-1), t0 is the theoretical age in years at which length of the fish equal to zero (usually negative) as estimated by the Pauly's equation (Pauly, 1984) as:
Because of the small number of males that were sampled, the VBGF curve was fitted to all fish, regardless of sex.
max]) was estimated by the VBGF growth parameters and based on the maximum length to estimate the maximum age ([T.
Length frequency distribution data were used to evaluate VBGF parameters, namely the asymptotic length ([L.
To compare the VBGF fitted for each sex, an analysis of the residual sum of squares (ARSS) was performed (Chen et al.
These growth parameters were obtained using the VBGF fitted in FISAT II [10].