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VBHVorbehandlung (German: Pretreatment)
VBHVenice Beach Hostel (California)
VBHVereinigter Baubeschlag Handel (German: United Hardware Distributors; Germany)
VBHVirtual Black Hole (physics)
VBHVirginia Baptist Homes (est. 1945; Culpeper, VA)
VBHVirginal Breast Hypertrophy
VBHVon Barth-Hedin (physics)
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VBH (GB), which specialises in materials for the manufacture and installation of windows and doors, has taken 7,819 sq ft to house its Architectural Aluminium Division as well as acting as a sales office for the Midlands region.
VBH representative Kelly Vitko retracted the claim following the White House's counter-claim that the First Lady was carrying an 875-dollar VBH patent leather clutch.
Under the terms of the agreement, VBH will first combine with Cofito, controlling 52% of BIM, and then launch a takeover bid before the end of this year, for the remaining BIM stake at EUR4.
Pietro D'Aqui, BIM's chief executive, will take 10% of BIM from VBH after the closing of the bid.
The PSTV E3L sequence is identical to those of GP 1 and WR and showed the next highest identity level with the VBH sequence.
GP 1V and VBH share the same amino acid sequence (ADLY-DTYNDND; 245-255), identical to that of VACV-WR, VACV-Lister, and several other strains.
The VBH intends to procure 2 piece standard line buses in low-floor technology (also low-entry bus) to modernise so the fleet in 2017.
Westpac Banking provided VBH with the most favourable terms of trade.
VBhS 296: nanv evam bh[bar{a}]s[bar{a}]dito bodhadar[acute{s}]an[bar{a}]d bodhakat[bar{a}]r[bar{u}]p[bar{a}] [acute{s}]aktis tatr[bar{a}]pi sy[bar{a}]t \ tath[bar{a}] ca s[bar{a}]dhut[bar{a}]pi sy[bar{a}]t \ [acute{s}]aktatvasyaiva s[bar{a}]dhut[bar{a}]y[bar{a}] vy[bar{a}]karan[bar{a}]dhikarane pratip[bar{a}]dan[bar{a}]t[ldots].