VBMPVirginia Base Mapping Program
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The Chairman of VBMP, Nasarullah Baloch noted with concern that while the persons who were disappeared for long could not be recovered, the process is still continued with no respite in the sight.
Addressing a hurriedly called press conference here at the protest camp set up by the families of the missing persons from Balochistan outside the Press Club on Friday afternoon, the chairman VBMP Nasarrullah Baloch flanked by its other office bearers charged that we reject the committee formed by the government just because the committee includes some members against whom there are allegations of disappearing the Balochs people, so there's no question to repose a trust on it.
He said that a delegation of VBMP spent two weeks in Islamabad a year ago and also attended a hearing in Supreme Court and Justice Javed Iqbal gave assurance at that time that the situation would be improved and the missing people will be recovered.
VBMP claimed that it had compiled the list of 1200 people with complete details and had sent it to the international human rights organizations.