VBMRVéhicule Blindé Multirôles (French: Multi-Role Armored Vehicle)
VBMRVentilation Barrier Machine Room
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30) The planned replacement for the VAB is the VBMR, which has not yet entered production.
This entails chassis and body shell, ballistic protection solutions, CBRN protection and interior design of the VBMR and EBRC as well as weapon system control electronics.
According to RTD the BMX-01 represents around 80% of what the VBMR should technically be.
Conditional phase 2: Cran-Gevrier (74) 27th BCA area Tom Morel adaptation of ZT to VBMR.
Turning to the VBMR and the EBRC, a selection is expected in 2012 following an international competition that should lead to the delivery of prototypes to the French DGA by late 2012.
However, in early November 2011 Nexter and Renault Trucks Defense announced a co-operation agreement with a view to offering a single answer to the forthcoming French DGA's request for proposals regarding the VBMR.
The VBMR is aimed at combat units, but French Army support units should also receive some light armoured cars, a batch of over 2000 five-tonne vehicles (gross weight including a one-tonne pay-oad) are planned to cover their needs.
A couple of models of the RTD solution for the French Scorpion vehicles, the EBRC and the multi-role VBMR were well hidden in the stand.
Purely a demonstrator exercise at this stage, it is a 'rolling think tank" intended to test new concepts and ideas in terms of vetronics (including open architecture), suspensions, engines, environmental systems, all forms of protection (passive and active) and other advanced solutions, with a view to weighing pros and cons in terms of feasibility (including compatibility with civilian vehicle standards) and costs for the development of new vehicles, including for the VBMR and the ERBC requirements of the French Army and other vehicles for the export market.
A new type of open architecture was used to adapt the vehicle to the two vehicles included in the French Scorpion programme, the VBMR and the EBRC, and to other configurations, while a new proprietary software package is being used into multi-function displays.
VBMR: Nexter is also looking in to the VBMR (Vehicule Blinde Multi-Role)--a replacement for the current VAB within the Scorpion contract; to this end a lighter version of the VBCI should be proposed, known as 'VBCI-moins'.
The 6 x 6 platform aims at the French VBMR (Vehicule Blinde Multi-Role) requirement which should be for 2300 vehicles with first deliveries slated for 2015.