VBSTVariable Block Size Transform
VBSTVariable Block-Size Transform
VBSTVentral Bed Nucleus of Stria Terminalis
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The marker-based VBST was developed for the rehabilitation of paraplegia of the stiff knee [71], whereas the markerless VBST was used for the rehabilitation of paraplegia of the legs [72] and the lower limbs [73].
The 2 VBST articles describe the use of marker-based VBST for the rehabilitation of parkinsonism of the stride (length, duration, velocity) [78] and of the posture and gait cycle [79].
Out of the 4 VBST articles, 3 discuss the development of marker-based VBST, whereas 1 article described the use of markerless VBST.
We found 2 articles on frontal-related gait disorder, 1 of which describes the use of VBST and the other the use of VOBST for the rehabilitation of this type of gait disorder.