VCBTVirtual Cybernetic Building Testbed (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
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The VCBT is being used to conduct research on ways to tap into the potential wealth of information from building systems that emergency responders might need and present it to them in a timely and easy to use manner.
The SDFM accomplishes these tasks by collecting data from the VCBT sensors and using that data as input to its fire model (Davis 2009; Davis et al.
The VCBT is also being used to investigate alternative ways for communicating a broader range of building information such as sensor data, floor plans, and incident alert messages to alarm call centers, emergency response operations centers and mobile units, and public safety officials.
Although the VCBT has proven to be a flexible and valuable research tool there are some significant limitations to its use.
The control hardware used in the VCBT comes from several different manufacturers.
The VCBT has already proven to be a valuable resource for developing and testing automated commissioning and FDD tools for a limited set of HVAC system components.
The VCBT is a tool that can be used to explore new concepts for building control and optimization that have the potential to deliver significant improvement in building system performance.
The VCBT can serve as a testbed to explore the implications and benefits of a ubiquitious sensor environment where data is available for use in a wide range of building systems.
The VCBT has already been used to test and demonstrate the potential benefits of providing appropriate and timely information to emergency responders at a "proof of concept" level.