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VDACvoltage-dependent anion channel
VDACVerband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs
VDACVictorian Disability Advisory Council (est. 2007; Victoria, Australia)
VDACVillage Development Advisory Committee
VDACVoice-Data Access Concentrator
VDACVendor Data Article Control
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La forma como la via PI3K/Akt regula la funcion hexoquinasa, su asociacion/desplazamiento de VDAC, y la funcion mitocondrial, y como la actividad hexoquinasa contribuye a la supervivencia celular mediada por los FC, requieren mayor analisis.
On the other hand, phospho-GSK-3[beta] (Ser9) migrates towards mitochondria and binds to ANT, causing the disassociation of the mPTP complex involving ANT, Cyp-D, VDAC, and HKII.
Both this HK II peptide and the peptide extending from the VDAC contain among their residues some that bear charged groups.
The vinylbenzyl group of VOAC and VDAC is reactive and was polymerized in micellar solutions (17, 18).
Among them, the ratio of VDAC to GAPDH increased by 24%, suggesting the increased mitochondrial number after cell differentiation.
Following ICH, the mPTP was formed, and mROS increased, but these effects could be reversed by the VDAC inhibitor, TRO-19622, or the mROS-specific scavenger, Mito-TEMPO [24].
During the training program, the involvement of the members of VDAC was very encouraging.
2 Acute liver injury TRPM2 Acetaminophen-induced liver damage TRPM7 Liver fibrosis TRPV4 Liver fibrosis P2Y Liver fibrosis P2X7 Liver fibrosis NASH CLIC1 Hepatocarcinoma ASIC1a Liver fibrosis VSOR Hepatoma VDAC Acute ethanol intoxication Ion channel Model [K.
Uncovering the role of VDAC in the regulation of cell life and death.
During the quarter, the Company received 146 new design wins for its second-generation modules via its proprietary VDAC design system and 60 new design wins for its VIPAC customer-configurable power systems.
Antibody catalog numbers and vendors are as follows: C1 (A31857) and C3 (A21362) from Invitrogen; BNIP3 (ab10433) from Abcam; [beta]-actin (MA5-15739), GAPDH (MA5-15738), and LC3 (PA1-16931) from Pierce; Mfn1 (sc-50330), Mfn2 (sc-50331), and Tfam (sc-28200) from Santa Cruz; PGC1[alpha] (Ab3242) from Millipore; VDAC (4661s) and Drp1 (8570) from Cell Signaling Technology; Beclin-1 3738s and Beclin-1 MABN16 from Cell Signaling Technology and Millipore, respectively; NRF1 (LS-B43) from LifeSpan BioSciences.