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VDHVerband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (German Kennel Club)
VDHVerband Deutscher Hypothekenbanken
VDHVery Distant Host
VDHValvular Disease - Heart
VDHVertical Drilled Hole
VDHVirginia Department of Health
VDHVon der Heyde (German)
VDHVery Dear Husband (IRC)
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And, inter nos, after challenging all males on board to pepper-grinder duels, VDH remains as undefeated as Alexander of Macedon.
The Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP), a measurement-based program at the University of Vermont, conducted the pilot in collaboration with the VDH with partial funding from Medicaid.
According to the VDH, farmers in more than 40 counties in the state fertilized their fields and conditioned their soils with biosolids during 2002.
In his keynote address to the VDH & VDK volume Kighoma Malima, the Tanzanian politician and academician, raises fundamental questions about Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs).
The hardness of this cutting material is about 1800 VDH.
Eldon and VDH products BV are two companies that share the same commitment: satisfy the customer's needs.
After similar outbreak investigations in Virginia (1,5), VDH has been using intense public health efforts to prevent outbreaks in other facilities.
Under the Federal Health Care Preparedness Program, the VDH Office of Public Health Preparedness, was funded to develop, implement and maintain just such a registry system and has opened it to our emergency response partners within the state such as local hospitals and state emergency response organizations.
In another instance, the team worked with VDH to modify its requirement for profiles of the pipeline (vertical cross-sections) on contract drawings.
For comparison purposes high speed steel lies in an approximate range of 800 to 900 VDH.