VEAPVeterans Educational Assistance Program
VEAPVolunteers Enlisted to Assist People (Minnesota)
VEAPVirginia Enterprise Applications Program
VEAPVermont Environmental Assistance Partnership
VEAPVisiting East Asian Professionals Program (Washington University)
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The VEAP "was generally considered to be a failure" (17) because it proved ineffective as a recruiting tool.
VEAP was first enacted by Congress for post Vietnam-era soldiers.
As long as individuals were contributors to VEAP at any time in their military service, the new legislation allows them to convert to the GI Bill if they were on active duty on Oct.
Bill with the VEAP contributed to a decline in the quantity and quality of recruits.
But who would've thought that a far superior educational package would come along a few years later and that VEAP enrollment would be a prerequisite for eligibility?
The basic monthly payment under the MGIB Program is $650 for 36 months of full-time schooling for a maximum of $23,400, in comparison to a member enrolled in VEAP, who would receive a up to $300 a month for 27 months of full-time training for a maximum of $8,100.
The window to change to the MGIB recently opened for Sailors with a VEAP account.
In 1996, thousands of active-duty members missed a chance to transfer to MGIB because they had "zero balances" in their VEAP accounts.