VECPValue Engineering Change Proposal
VECPVillierstown Education & Culture Project (Ireland)
VECPVoice Evacuation Control Panel (circuitry)
VECPVertical Eye Closure Penalty (Agilent)
VECPVisually Evoked Cortical Potential
VECPVietnam Energy Conservation Program
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5) Both contracts contained a VECP clause (6) encouraging Applied to present the government with cost savings measures by permitting the government to compensate Applied for any savings realized as a result of the VECP.
The sole issue the CAFC considered was whether the VECP applied to cost savings on future purchases of the 36K BTU/HR model air conditioner only, or rather, whether the VECP also applied to cost savings on future purchases of other air conditioning unit models.
Unbeknownst to State Paving, the State of Florida began using the VECP data in bid requests for other projects.
According to Myers, after some serious company-wide soul searching, HydroMark decided to proceed with the VECP and assembled the necessary materials.
The contractor has the latitude to use its own funds to make the full radome purchase without using the VECP clause.
It noted that before the government can calculate an amount due under a VECP clause, the contractor is "required to submit to the [contracting officer] the savings amount and technical basis for each [claim] asserted.
Glossary BER bit error rate CD chromatic dispersion CDR clock and data recovery DDJ data-dependent jitter DFE decision feedback equalizer EDC electronic dispersion compensation ER extinction ratio FFE feed forward equalizer GbE gigabit Ethernet ISI intersymbol interference MLSE maximum likelihood sequence estimator MMF multimode fiber OMA optical modulation amplitude PMD polarization mode dispersion SMF single-mode fiber STP shielded twisted pair UI unit interval UTP unshielded twisted pair VECP vertical eye closure penalty WAN wide area network WDM wavelength division multiplexing WIS wide area network interface sublayer
To streamline procurement, the program office ensured that the VECP process/approval cycle was well defined and understood at the start.
England, (1) the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) overturned an Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) decision (2) that held that the government correctly rejected a VECP because the contract at issue was already closed by the time the contractor submitted it.
In addition to administering a NAVSEA development program, she serves as a member of the Raytheon Value Engineering IPT responsible for promoting VECP growth within Raytheon, Tucson.
If accepted, a VECP will result in acquisition savings that will be shared by the government and the contractor.
The contracting officer (CO) was willing to and did agree to apply to the VECP clause the difference in invoice cost quoted by the supplier for the different grades.