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VEIIVoyager Entertainment International, Inc.
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VEII said the acquisition of TSI provides a local platform for efforts to increase VEII's customer base outside of Hong Kong-China, and enhance VEII's growth line and provide a new revenue source.
Under them the mahajanapadas of Amga, Koala and Kasha were Formative centuries of the pre-Maryann era defeated, and the long war with the Veii Confederacy was begun.
Veii and the Permanent Secretary Steve Katjiuanjo for their continued support regarding the BAS program.
A Equacao 4 e conhecida como a variavel reduzida de Gumbel que tambem se relaciona com o periodo de retorno (T), T = 1/F(x); logo, a Equacao 4 pode ser usada para definir z com respeito as distribuicoes VEI, VEII e VEIII; assim, em um grafico de intensidade z versus x, define-se o comportamento das tres formas de distribuicao de valores extremos, como ilustra a Figura 1.
unless that infamous house occupies Veii as well" (Suetonius, Nero xxxix.
The first serious clash between Etruscans and the Romans was over Veii which fell to Rome probably in 396 BC.
Born into a patrician family about 440, and served as censor (403); selected as dictator during the war with Veii (396), and captured the city by digging a tunnel into the city; dictator again during the Gallic invasion of central Italy under Brennus (391-390); raised an army in the countryside while the Gauls sacked Rome, but only removed them by paying a large bribe (390); military tribune with consular powers seven times between 401 and 381; reputedly reformed the army, introducing classification of troops by age and equipment (velites, principes, etc.
This is one of the early instances in literature of the eternal smile, which, turned inward, like that of the Buddha, radiates serenity, but turned outward toward humankind, like that of the Etruscan Apollo of Veii, signals cruelty or indifference.
OTCBB:VEII) an entertainment/development company, today stated that while the events of yesterday's trading would be discouraging to some, management at VEII remain very optimistic and enthusiastic about their project and feel yesterdays volatility was more a direct result of the publics current skepticism toward the market than anything else.
Contract notice: Open procedure within the eec to rely doorman service / reception at the residential facilities capitoline park of veii - rome 3 - victoria house - bruno buozzi.
Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, Vetumbuavi Veii the Director of the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture said that contributions made towards sports development is not only to that sector alone but all other sectors within the economy.
The four kings that followed Tullus continued the Roman tradition of endless war, with campaigns against formidable foes like the Veii, the Aequans and the Volscians.