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VELVirgin Enterprises Limited
VELVisually Effective Lumens (lighting technology)
VELVancouver East Libertarian
VELVehicle Excise License
VELVisual Electrodiagnostic Laboratory
VELVariable Enlistment Legislation
VELVernal, Utah, USA - Vernal Regional Airport
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The Super Vel load has done 10 to 11 inches in my gel testing and expands to the point that it could not expand any more without turning inside-out.
All that changed when Super Vel unveiled its products.
ICor 2,2), [4] quod in corpore ipsius fuit impressum, non per naturae virtutem vel ingenium artis, sed potius per admirandam potentiam Spiritus Dei vivi (cfr.
E bene sottolineare una significativa precisazione presente nel loro discorso: i problemi che riguardano tutti devono essere trattati ab omnibus, vel vice omnium.
It is estimated that one in 5000 people are Vel-negative, and routine blood transfusions for patients with antibodies against Vel can lead to kidney failure and even death.
Os resultados dos testes de aptidao fisica neuromuscular para o desempenho (FEMS, FEMI, VEL e AGIL) e dos testes de aptidao fisica de saude osteo-muscular (FLEX e RML) foram classificados conforme os valores de referencia das tabelas e escalas categoricas sugeridas pelo manual de aplicacao de medidas e testes, normas e criterios de avaliacao do Projeto Esporte Brasil (PROESP-BR) proposto por Gaya e colaboradores (2012).
To ex enim iusto con heniatum velisit ullam inismolorper am, vel ero dit irilisi.
Importantly, VELs are not mutations in the actual DNA sequence, but rather are changes in proteins that bind to DNA, a type of alteration known as "epigenetic" or "epimutations.
Under the terms of the agreement, Vodafone will buy the 22% in VEL owned by Essar Communications (Mauritius) Limited (ECML) for net USD3.
Aliquam neque odio, dictum vel sollicitudin quis, suscipit et odio.
2 mm latae, ovatae vel subflabellatae, acutae vel subtruncatae, 2-9-floriferae; glumae floriferae polystichae, 1.
I made the tough decision to put Vel in a nursing home' is so demeaning.