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VELCROVelour Crochet (French for velvet hook)
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The VELCRO Brand PRESS-LOK closure system is a proprietary hook-to-hook technology.
The opening of the Uruguay factory marks a significant expansion of Velcro Companies' global production capacity and follows the acquisition in June of Alfatex and Gevaert, two European specialty weaving companies.
It's an exciting time for the Velcro Group of Companies and we are deeply grateful for Scott Filion's leadership during this time of transition.
Velcro is too easy from them to pull off, so snaps all the way then they cannot pull them off.
With our focus on creating smart products, services and technologies wherever items can be connected, we developed the PRESS-LOK closure solution to provide a superior experience for our customers," said Jurjen Jacobs, Vice President of Global Marketing, Velcro Industries.
We are thrilled that PRESS-LOK[R] delivers a fun and functional new brand experience for Paragon Pet customers purchasing WHIMZEES[R]," said Jurjen Jacobs, Vice President of Global Marketing, Velcro Industries.
The technology involves a nanopillar-covered silicon chip whose "stickiness" resulted from the interaction between the nanopillars and nanostructures on CTCs known as microvilli, creating an effect much like the top and bottom of Velcro.
Scott's hilarious one-man routine, featuring masks and voices from other Radio 1 stars, went down a treat at Maggie's Chambers but the DJ had to grin and bare it when the velcro of his Abba-style white suit popped open at the start.
Made from polyethylene hook and loop gripping fasteners, Grip Strip looks similar to Velcro.
The lid has a Velcro closure and easy-pull tab for quick access of the firearm.
Model RSE-305 is a six-panel hat with a low profile, Velcro closure, and moisture-wicking sweatband.