VEOSVery Early Onset Schizophrenia
VEOSVirtual Environment Operating System (computer project; University of Washington)
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The FMU was integrated with VEOS for the MiL approach and with SCALEXIO for the EiL approach.
Petersburg PLP and Estonian VEOS continues to slowdown in 2013.
The great majority of patients with VEOS have significant premorbid abnormalities in language, motor, and social development (3,4).
The diagnosis of EOS or VEOS in children and adolescents is made using the same DSM-IV criteria as in adults (7).
The VEOS line was to be the manufacturer's first mass-marketed television, as the company has historically functioned as a designer of LCOS imagers.
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As we wrote in our previous report (Global Ports: Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results, released 24 Jan 2012), the VEOS terminal (which loads oil products) suffered when Ust-Luga port launched its operations: the volume of oil products loaded dropped 30% YoY in 1H12.
The outlook for the oil products segment is downbeat, in our view, as VEOS is facing robust competition from Ust-Luga port.
It also offers a lifeline to Estonia-based VEOS, since accession terms include equalization of rail charges for transportation to Russian ports and across international land borders (i.
Global Ports also holds a 50% interest in one of the largest oil product terminals on the Baltic Sea, VEOS, which is located in Estonia.
This means that VEOS may be deconsolidated starting in 2013 unless Global Ports can prove it is a joint operation, rather than a JV.