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VEPVisual Evoked Potential
VEPVara de Execuções Penais (Portuguese: Criminal Executions Court; Brazil)
VEPVisually Evoked Potential
VEPvia Embedded Processor Platform
VEPVisual Editor Update
VEPVoter Education Project
VEPValue Engineering Proposal
VEPVirginia Electric Power
VEPVeterans Education Project (Amherst, MA)
VEPVenus Entry Probe (European Space Agency)
VEPVideo Expansion Port
VEPVertical Error Probable
VEPValue Engineering Plan
VEPVitrage Extérieur Pareclosé (French: Exerior Glass Bead; building construction)
VEPVestibule Electro-Pneumatic (Southern Railway; UK)
VEPVideo Entrance Panel
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The decision to disclose the VEP review process is considered a rare but important act of transparency that provides insight into how the government deals with security vulnerabilities.
3) reported that pattern VEP and pattern ERG are the most sensitive electrophysiological tests which show abnormality in clinically normal but genetically affected central areolar choroidal dystrophy patients.
The aim of this study was to evaluate central nerve conduction changes in children and adolescents with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus using pattern-reversal VEP (PRVEP) and to investigate the influence of several clinical risk factors on the parameters of VEP.
The majority of the VEP signal is from neurons in the striate cortex at the posterior tip of the occipital lobe known as VI.
Vesda-E VEP enhances the user experience with out-of--the-box operation utilizing auto configuration to aid commissioning, an intuitive 3.
No significant differences were seen between the four drugs between pre-treatment and second-year VEP abnormalities (Figure 7).
11] studied the effect of ID anemia on flash VEP of growing children and found that in both eyes latencies of N1, P1, and N2 waves were prolonged in the anemic group compared with the control group.
Incorporating the effect of shocks on consumption and household's coping capacity or ability to smooth consumption in the face of shocks, Christiaensen and Subbarao (2004) and Kasirye (2008) extend the VEP method developed by Chaudhuri et al.
In conjunction, VEP will provide microwave equipment, training, field support and maintenance while BWPC will establish field operations starting in the Rocky Mountain region.
VEP may be "sponsored by diverse actors including industry and trade associations, NGOs, and governments" (Prakash and Potoski 2012, 126).
Under the terms of the contract and state administrative code, a VEP participant, who in violation of the contract enters a state casino, agrees to surrender any jackpot or thing of value won as a result of a wager made at the casino.