VERPVariable Envelope Return Path
VERPVariable Envelope Return Path (email server internal architecture component)
VERPVisitor Experience and Resource Protection
VERPVoluntary Early Retirement Program
VERPVentricular Effective Refractory Period (cardiology)
VERPVanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (Venezuela)
VERPVerification Plan
VERPVertical Effective Radiated Power
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Reports sent to ISMP VERP will be shared with the Food and Drug Administration and will be forwarded to the vaccine manufacturer when applicable.
2002 VERP Visitor Experience and Resource Protection Planning, Washington, D.
Proposals include completely phasing out the VERP, reducing the period of unemployment benefit eligibility and introducing earlier compulsory activation.
a revised VERP and interim caps based on facility limits, still failed
For currently exempt companies, the VERP program's less stringent permitting requirements are a significant carrot and the potential for increasing penalties on certain emissions are a big stick.
9) The proportions of the population studying, being in the VERP or receiving disability, sickness and rehabilitation benefits have been remarkably stable over the last decade, suggesting that the fall in unemployment has not created much additional incentive to move off these benefits or out of study and into unsubsidised work.
The Ninth Circuit held NPS's VERP approach invalid because it failed to establish any specific numerical measurement of the number of visitors the area could sustain while maintaining the river's inherent characteristics.
Before the decade is out, VERP may be used to save many of America's crown jewel wildlands now buckling under the strain of humanity.
VERP asks that interpretive themes be identified early in the (general management or visitor) planning process.
At present, the VERP is available to workers aged between 60 and 64 and pays 91-100% of the unemployment benefit maximum, which is about half of the average workers' earnings.