VESA1Variant Erythrocyte Surface Antigen 1 (aka Variant Erythrocyte Surface Ag 1)
VESA1Variant Erythrocyte Surface Ag 1 (aka Variant Erythrocyte Surface Antigen 1)
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brucei Malaria Plasmodium falciparum Babesiosis Babesia bovis Disease Vector Relapsing fever Soft (argasid) ticks Anaplasmosis Hard (ixodid) ticks African trypanosomiasis Tsetse fly Malaria Mosquitoes Babesiosis Hard (ixodid) ticks Disease Variable antigens(a) Relapsing fever VIp & Vsp Anaplasmosis MSP2 African trypanosomiasis VSG Malaria PfEMP1 Babesiosis VESA1
falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1; VESA1 = variant erythrocyte surface antigen 1.
The VESA1 proteins, which have an approximate molecular weight of 128 kDa (59), are expressed on the external tips of the membrane knobs of infected erythrocytes.