VESIVirtual Education Software, Inc. (Spokane, WA)
VESIValeo Electrical Systems, Inc. (Paris, France)
VESIVolunteer Eye Surgeons International (est. 1986; various locations)
VESIValue Engineering Society International
VESIVascular Endothelial Surface Index
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Table 1 and Table 2 present the distribution of the sample by industry and summary statistics of major data of the VESI survey.
The first two fuels would normally be used for city vehicles and centrally fueled transport fleets, according to VESI, the latter for dedicated long-haul vehicles.
Conversion components are sourced from a variety of high-volume automotive manufacturers, with many being made specially to VESI specifications to simplify diagnostics and product support.
The Virtualization EcoShell and VESI are provided completely 100% free of charge.
As more organizations adopt Windows PowerShell scripts across platforms, administrators can share and enhance the capabilities of the Virtualization EcoShell through VESI, sponsored by Vizioncore.
Headed up by virtualization expert and author Scott Herold, VESI will enable any level of VMware administrator to take advantage of PowerShell's capabilities provided by Microsoft and VMware through a consolidated graphical interface.
VESI is about creating a free toolkit with which administrators can not only build their own powerful virtualization systems management interfaces, but benefit from the contributions of other VESI members as well," commented Herold.
VESI filed for Chapter 11 on December 14, 2001 to protect its operations in the face of a difficult competitive situation.
VESI manufactures automotive wiper systems, motors and other components in North America for sale to car and truck manufacturers, component suppliers and other customers.
VESI filed for Chapter 11 on December 14, 2001, to protect its operations in the face of an extremely difficult competitive situation.
This new union agreement gives VESI the framework to address labor costs while continuing to work on the other elements of the plan: customer terms, supplier consolidation and operating efficiency.
Commenting on the agreement, VESI executive vice president and general manager, Rochester site, Walter Kneuer said "This agreement, which has been approved by a unanimous vote of Local 509's executive board, represents an opportunity to secure a viable future for VESI in Rochester.