VESLVocational English as a Second Language Program
VESLVarsity eSports League (gaming; various schools)
VESLVolunteers for Educational Support and Learning (London, UK)
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Research suggests that VESL programs can be more effective at improving both employment and earnings than programs focusing on either education or employment alone (Hamilton, 2002).
Using a case-study approach, data for this study come from semistructured interviews and field observations of district directors of workforce development, ESL instructors, and CalWORKs and VESL coordinators.
Analysis of interviews and site visits shows that the VESL programs studied combine elements of different approaches described previously.
Figure 1 illustrates the pathway that ELL CalWORKs participants must take to enroll in VESL programs, beginning with qualifying for CalWORKs.
The community college model provides VESL programs at community colleges.
VESL teacher Nadine Gregoire knows how to get her students talking.
Rojas was in last year's graduating class, having finished all three levels of VESL.
Platt suggested that the VESL instructor videotape the scenarios and afterward watch each one with the students involved.
Soon after Platt's research was published, the state grant supporting the VESL and vocational effort at Trade Tech ran out.
In the Corpus Christi Independent School District in Texas, however, some healthy aspects of VESL and vocational collaboration still exist.
The original Corpus Christi VESL team included two ESL teachers and a Spanish-speaking bilingual family and consumer sciences teacher.
Another aspect of the program involved VESL teachers working through vocational modules with the student in another classroom.