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VESTAVehicule Econome De Systemes Et Technologies Avancees
VESTAVancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association (Canada)
VESTAViticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (US NSF)
VESTAVenezia Servizi Territoriali Ambientali (Italian)
VESTAVirtual Environments for Surgical Training and Augmentation
VESTAValuable Enterprise Services In Technology Achievement
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The special attention was drawn to the fine tuning of the LADA Vesta SW chassis considering a new weight distribution.
There is bright material on Vesta that is as white as snow and dark material on Vesta as black as coal.
These two giant holes cause Vesta to appear distinctly flattened relative to a perfect sphere, as first noticed in HST images.
Other reports relied on data from bits of Vesta that had crashed to Earth.
VESTA has since added five new institutions of higher education in California, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina and New York.
Dawn eased into the orbit around Vesta on late Friday Eastern Time.
As a result of its problems, Vesta exited its commercial and reinsurance businesses, opting to become an automobile and homeowners insurer.
Dawn's visible and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIR) and framing camera detected no accumulation of such tiny particles on Vesta, and this particular protoplanet, or almost-planet, remains bright and pristine.
Chris Russell, principal investigator of NASA's Dawn mission, said he now considers Vesta the smallest terrestrial planet in the solar system.
7 billion miles to reach Vesta, will study Vesta for a year before departing to Ceres in July 2012.
Between the evenings of February 16th and 17th for the Americas, Vesta threads the gap between Gamma Leonis (magnitude 2.