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VETRONICSVehicle Electronics
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Presenting organisations include: British Army, DSTL, US Army, Microflown AVISA, DSTL, Vitavox, BAE Systems Hagglunds, RFEL Ltd, Thales UK, Royal Netherlands Army, Aselsan Electronics Industries Incorporated, Canadian Army, NATO, METRAVIB/Acoem Group, Qinetiq, Patria Land Systems Oy, Vetronics Research Centre, De Rete Ltd and more.
The vetronic architecture has been developed around adaptability.
John Crozier, Vetronics System Engineer, platform Systems Division, DSTL
After intubation with a 2-mm, uncuffed endotracheal tube, the bird was maintained on a nonrebreathing circuit and small-animal ventilator (Ventilator SAV, Vetronics, Lafayette, IN, USA), with the isoflurane adjusted to the patient's requirements.
According to the company, it speeds and simplifies the integration of HD VMS for military applications deployed in harsh environments, such as vetronics and avionics.
This power will be required for an electric/hybrid drive train; weapons, such as electric rail guns and directed-energy devices; protective electromagnetic armor; signature management; a plethora of processors; and a host of vetronics innovations (for more on vetronics, see "Toward Tomorrow's Tanks: The Role of Vetronics," JED, October 1996, p.
They will be joining an array of technical experts, from the military, research and industry, set to present on the latest technologies enabling enhanced vetronics, vehicle architectures, sensor development and integration, CIS and battle management.
Integrating smart vetronics solutions like customisable driver touch-screen dashboard displays, All Round Surveillance System, Closed Hatch Driving System and Vehicle Navigation, the TERREX 2 enables unmatched situational awareness for the crew even when operating close-hatched.
Onboard vetronics have also been improved and now feature full open architecture: an Ethernet network has been added to the existing Can Bus for on-board distribution of vehicle surround images (all displays are now of the same type to ensure full crew-sharing of images and info).
Mechanical ventilation was started immediately after intubation with a pressure-cycled respirator (SA VO3, Vetronics Services, Devon, United Kingdom) set to a maximum pressure of 12 cm [H.