VETSNETVeterans Services Network (software application; US VA)
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Under this contract, SMS will provide development and maintenance support for the current VETSNET system and will continue the development and deployment of BGS Web services.
SMS supports the entire VETSNET suite of applications and system elements associated with VETSNET and BGS in support of the VBA.
VBA databases available at the time of our database query included the CP and VETSNET data repositories of enrollees for any veteran benefit [12].
GAO is testifying on (1) VA's efforts to exchange medical information with DOD, including both near-term initiatives involving existing systems and the longer term program to exchange data between the departments' new health information systems, and (2) VA's ongoing project to develop VETSNET.
GAO reviewed (1) whether VA's proposed business and enabling functions provide the management tools necessary to start the process for implementing VA's enterprise architecture; (2) how veterans have benefited from the VETSNET Program; (3) what must be done to assure successful implementation of the Federal Health Information Exchange (FHIE); and (4) whether VA can realistically implement HealtheVet-Vista by the end of 2005.