VF3Virtua Fighter 3
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VF3 had a greater weight for pH, chlorophyll-a, TKN and DO respectively (Table 2), being a component which indicates organic pollution.
Figure 12 shows cryo-SEM images of top surfaces of rewetted Samples RW1, RW2, RW3, and RW4, which had been samples VF1, VF2, VF3, and VF4, respectively, prior to rewetting.
On the ventral surface, where the veins are most visible, VF1, VF3, VH1, and VH3 roughly measured the length of the wing; VF2, VF4, VH2, and VH4 measured width.
Variables Cluster 1 Cluster 2 VF1 VF2 VF3 VF1 VF2 CO 0.