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VFAStrike Fighter Squadron (US Navy)
VFAVisiting Forces Agreement
VFAVolatile Fatty Acid
VFAFighter Attack Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1980 to 1983)
VFAVictoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Airport Code)
VFAVereinigung Freischaffender Architekten Deutschlands (German: Association of Freelance Architects, Germany)
VFAVictorian Football Association
VFAVoids Filled with Asphalt
VFAVertebral Fracture Assessment (type of bone density scan)
VFAVoluntary Flexible Agreement (US Department of Education)
VFAVoltage Feedback Amplifier
VFAVote From Abroad
VFAVermont Fire Academy
VFAFixed-Wing Fighter Attack
VFAVerband Forschender Arzneimittelhersteller eV (German Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies)
VFAValeur Foncière de Référence en Acquisition-Amélioration (French: Property Reference Value in Acquisition-Improvement; zoning; France)
VFAViral Fitness Assay
VFAVydaná Faktura
VFAView from Above
VFAVeterans for America
VFAVeterinary and Food Administration (Denmark)
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The partnership between TTS and VFA fuses the expertise of both organizations.
The technological development in the process instrumentation in the OPTI-VFA project will focus on the MEMS-Fabry Perot based spectrometer and the science based calibration (SBC) method together with supervisory control and data acquisition systems for the effective control and optimization of both VFA and conventional biogas production.
Under the VFA, the Philippine government has jurisdiction over the case but Washington has custody of an accused U.
It is an opportunity to renew my call to give the US one year of notice for the abrogation of the VFA," she added.
The VFA is being developed by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) in collaboration with the Association of Community College Trustees and the College Board and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Lumina Foundation for Education.
The VFA program reimburses non-profit call or volunteer fire departments that provide service primarily to a community with a population of 10,000 or less.
Because of the diurnal variation of rumen VFA concentration and the difficulty of accurate determination of VFA production in normally-fed ruminants, the total intragastric infusion technique developed by Orskov et al.
About six months ago, VFA started looking for a load testing solution so that it could standardize the load, scalability and concurrency testing efforts for its VFA.
VFA s mission is to revitalize American cities and communities through entrepreneurship, to enable the best and brightest to create new opportunities and to restore the culture of achievement to include value-creation, risk and reward, and the common good.
Community colleges can sign up for the first year of VFA membership and receive access to a fully online data tool with the ability to enter, upload, and visually display their data.
Proof of environmental degradation in Philippine seas, brought about by VFA-protected action of a US client such as Glenn Defense, is enough evidence for the abrogation of the US-Philippines VFA, argued Santiago.
Under the VFA pilot, colleges will test a series of custom metrics that community college professionals developed over the last several months.