VFCAVirginia Fire Chiefs Association, Inc. (Richmond, VA)
VFCAVolunteer Firefighters' Compensation Act (Montana)
VFCAVictoria Filipino-Canadian Association (Canada)
VFCAVictorian Fishing Charter Association (Australia)
VFCAVisual Fuzzy Cluster Analysis
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Serum NSE and S100[sz] significantly increased after ROSC in VFCA and ACA groups compared with SHAM [ P < 0.
Compared with SHAM, the SUVmax of the parietal lobe, frontal lobe, brain stem and cerebellum decreased in both VFCA and ACA groups at 24 h post-ROSC [ P < 0.
Animals in VFCA exhibited little intracellular damage at 24 h after ROSC [Figure 5].
Here we present this study to characterize the features of postresuscitation cerebral metabolism of the both VFCA and ACA models.
sup][10] reported that ROSC was difficult to achieve in VFCA dogs (84%) than in ACA dogs (100%) and the functional brain damage caused by VFCA is similar to that caused by ACA, which is in contrast to the result of this study.
sup][17],[18] In this study, serum levels of NSE and S100[sz] in two resuscitation groups increased within 24 h after ROSC compared with baseline and the SHAM group at the same time, and both NSE and S100[sz] in the ACA group were much higher than in the VFCA group [Figure 2].
sup][22] has verified decreased cerebral glucose metabolism in VFCA patients by PET at 24 h after ROSC, while no obvious hypoxia changes were found by CT and MRI.
Compared with the Sham group, HR increased significantly, while MAP and CO decreased significantly after ROSC in the VFCA group.
In the VFCA group, RI and cRI increased, and PI decreased significantly after ROSC.
Compared with the Sham group [Figure 2]a, the renal injury was prominent in the VFCA group [Figure 2]b-d.
We found both of the renal novel biomarkers and the renal Doppler ultrasonography markers were abnormal in the early stage after ROSC in the VFCA group while sCr did not increase until ROSC 24 h.
The grade of renal injury was highly correlated with the levels of the serum biomarkers, which indicate that both NGAL and CysC are prognostic factors of renal injury after VFCA.