VFHVirginia Foundation for the Humanities
VFHVirtuelle Fachhochschule
VFHVector Field Histogram
VFHVery Fine Honey
VFHVirginia Fine Homes (Keller Williams Realty)
VFHVirtual Field Herbarium (Department For International Development; Forest Research Programme)
VFHVillage First Helpers
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Another serious drawback of the conventional PFM is the local minima problem, which has proved elusive for most obstacle avoidance methods including the VFH, VFH+, and VFH*.
Hence, this work also implemented global 3D features such as VFH and ESF descriptors.
These descriptors include the FPFH, SHOT, NARF, VFH and ESF ones, which allows comparing the classification results using different kind of descriptors.
parahaemolyticus, but >90% were positive for genes encoding VFH and metalloproteases.
A total of 235,236 VFH eligible students enrolled in 2016, down 24.
Contract Awarded for Meet backlog of work aligned with VFH Reform
Contract Awarded for Hays contractor re VFH reform agenda
Contract Awarded for Contractor for VFH Reform agenda workload
Contract Awarded for Financial viability assesment for VFH applicants