VFMValue For Money
VFMView Finder Monitor (various organizations)
VFMView Finder Monitor
VFMVentura Font Metrics
VFMVoting Form
VFMVoice Fax Modem
VFMFighter Plane (two-engine; US Navy)
VFMVirtual File Manager (Netapp)
VFMVisceral Fat Mass
VFMVector Field Magnetometer
VFMVariable Frequency Microwave
VFMVehicle Fleet Management
VFMVote for Me
VFMVirtual Fossil Museum (Internet resource)
VFMVisual Factory Management
VFMVariable Format Message
VFMValve Freeze Method
VFMVSB File Manager (Intel File Manager for Linear Flash)
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We conclude by proposing a conceptual framework that can be used to guide the GF and country recipients in incorporating VFM information for implementing and monitoring the GF programs even well after graduation or transition from support.
At a time when budgets are under pressure, SWS has developed a range of successful toolkits to enable the housing sector to gauge where their VFM strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie and to initiate and implement innovative strategies that meet and exceed regulatory requirements.
By optimising how we design our schools, how we procure them and our delivery processes and structures, we can build more schools for Wales without compromising our principles of VFM.
We developed the VFM allergy assay using different allergens spotted on 0.
The VFM will have a dedicated day for meetings between sales companies and arthouse exhibitors belonging to the Inti.
The uncertainties associated with calculation of the thermodynamic properties of a refrigerant are taken into consideration for the uncertainty analysis of the VFM models.
VFM Leonardo said it has inked a deal with ACTIVE Network, Inc.
Al Binfalah, a high achieving Bahraini with a proven track record and who is currently serving as CEO of Olive VFM Holding Company BSC (C), brings a wealth of experience gained over 27 years of working at various managerial and entrepreneurial capacities in the private sector.
Man United were fourth and QPR, who survived the drop, were bottom for VFM.
Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank Capivest and facilities management firm Olive VFM signed a services agreement which will provide holistic services to Capivest's high-end residential project Saar Central.
One area of discussion has been the concept of value for money (VFM) and whether the PPP route offers the best VFM when compared to other procurement routes.
VFM Leonardo, a Canada-based company offering online visual content management and distribution systems, has announced expansion of its marketing team to focus on fostering best practices and educating lodging industry.