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VFOVariable-Frequency Oscillator
VFOVariable Frequency Oscillator
VFOVrb Fan Out
VFOVernal Field Office (US DOI; Utah)
VFOVirtual Front Office (Telcordia)
VFOViolent Felony Offense
VFOVital Few Objectives (strategic planning)
VFOVariable Fuel Oil Tank
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To see the effect of the vent opening position on the soak spike, the VO8 and VFO curves have been offset such that their preconditioning temperature aligns with the preconditioning temperature of the VC case.
CAE analyses have been conducted using the outlined numerical procedure for the previously introduced STR configurations VC, VO8 and VFO.
For brevity, the precondition CAE results for the VO8 and VFO cases are not presented, but exhibit the same level of accuracy as the VC case.
The VFO brands, Freedom Scientific, Optelec, and Ai Squared, have a history of developing and providing assistive technology solutions.
Figure 13 Violent Felony Arrest and Conviction Rates of Cohort Members MJACD cohort Misdemeanor conviction cohort No VFO arrests 85% 86% One or more VFO arrests 15% 14% One or more VFO convictions 4% 4% Source: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
VFO, owners of the Freedom Scientific, Optelec and AI Squared brands, has offices in St.
VFO can be deployed either in work centers, as Intermedia has done, or remotely via an intranet or the Internet.
Using the powerful combination of Service Manager and VFO, Telcordia customers can improve productivity by accelerating and automating the delivery of validated service requests to trading partners.
For medium size resellers, RSM offers an electronic data interchange (EDI) gateway capability that provides easy access to multiple wholesalers' ordering systems, in addition to the VFO Web-based GUI.