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VFRVisual Flight Rules
VFRVisiting Friends and Relatives (passenger data)
VFRVariable Frame Rate (video encoding)
VFRVariable Frame Rate
VFRVolumetric Flow Rate
VFRVote for Role (gaming)
VFRVisual Forms Representation (programming language)
VFRVirulent Foot Rot
VFRVirtual Fragment Reassembly (Cisco)
VFRVerband Freier Radios Österreich (German: Independent Radio Stations; Austria)
VFRVolume Fraction Ratio
VFRVee Four Racing (Honda Motor Cycle)
VFRVery Fine Ride
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Does the prohibition against circling in the direction of the VFR traffic pattern equal authorization "by the approach guidelines of a specific airport" to circle against it?
If the pilot has defined route waypoints entered in Mobile FliteDeck VFR, similar audio and visual alerts are available to warn them in flight.
Despite its size and importance, VFR travel is a relatively new area of research in tourism.
Many of our customers initially made the switch to electronic charts, but then realized that paper VFR sectional charts can be easier for planning a route," he said.
The VFR is as much at home on a race track as on Race Course Road.
Fairly frugal for a sports/tourer, it'll easily beat the much discussed 140-mile range of it's VFR stablemate launched earlier this year.
The new VFR sets new standards in sports touring design.
But I reckon the VFR doesn't need it as power is controlled and manageable, and the chassis is beautifully composed.
The biggest compliment I can pay the new VFR is that it feels every inch a Honda.
VFR was able to provide 100% of the $1,750,000 needed financing at attractively competitive rates.
Therefore, the target market for marketing VFR services is an organization's internal corporate management as well as external accounting and auditing professionals.
When comparing persons whose purpose of travel was visiting friends and relatives (VFR travelers; n = 121) with tourists and other travelers (n = 217), VFR travelers showed a distinct infectious disease and risk spectrum.