VFSSVideo Fluoroscopic Swallowing Study
VFSSVancouver Folk Song Society (Canada; est. 1959)
VFSSValley Forge Signal Seekers (Valley Forge, PA)
VFSSVanguard Fire & Security Systems (Saginaw, Michigan)
VFSSVoice Frequency Signaling System
VFSSVirtual File System Service (Web-based education)
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The discordance between results from FEES and VFSS is well described in the literature (25).
To characterize dysphagia among infants in this study, we used the 2 most widely used instrumental methods: VFSS and FEES.
The challenge with VFSS was the small volume ingested and the need to minimize exposure time to x-rays, factors that limited the usefulness of the analysis of transit.
We thank Luis Andre Silva da Costa, the VFSS technician; and Waldenio Florencio Porto Filho, the radiologist.
Figure 18 shows that with cross-strip VFSS, the mutual coupling between antennas is very low.
21] < -25dB between coplanar antenna elements is achieved by introducing cross-strip VFSS structure.
Use of VFSS demonstrated that over 80% of the clients reviewed had dysphagia (with some symptoms of GERD); hence, they had been appropriately referred for clinic services for diagnosis and treatment (12).
Twenty-five male subjects referred for a standard clinical VFSS at the William S.
Of those who consented, 16 qualified by aspirating nectar barium as visualized during a VFSS.
Fifteen subjects verbally rated each type of barium during the VFSS as easy, average, or difficult and unpleasant to swallow.
Several studies have shown that FEES is also more sensitive than VFSS in evaluating swallowing initiation, penetration, aspiration, and pharyngeal residue.
Half of the participants had a clinical feeding and swallowing evaluation, while 89% had radiological contrast swallow studies or VFSSs indicating the services required prior to gastrostomy placement.