VFUVery Fine Used
VFUVarna Free University (est. 1991; Bulgaria)
VFUVertical Format Unit
VFUVertical Forms Unit
VFUVicon Feature Unit (motion capture technology)
VFUVery Fast Ultracentrifugation
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Key informant interviews with VFU police officers at Borrowdale Police Station also supported the high prevalence of rape by strangers among women in the reproductive age group as she asserted that: Women who experience rape of this nature in Hatcliffe constitute about 30% of reports of GBV at Borrowdale Police Station.
This assertion was also supported by a police officer from the VFU who stipulated that:
Similarly, by the time the VFU in folded in 1972 a considerable part of its programming was directed at a clientele of increasingly empowered women.
Therefore, if there is a VFU within 10 km of the site, the local veterinarian should be requested to join the VETCAP.
75% to VFU Vaccination 4% 20% Data Unreliable Rate (([dagger])) Province Kapisa Nangarhar Panjshir Kandarhar Cattle 61 69 1210 51 Sheep/Goats 312 29 2460 96 Donkeys 26 2 129 3 Horses 19 0 40 0 Dogs 5 4 9 5 Camels 0 45 0 0 % Access 66% 100% 21% to VFU Vaccination 13% 7% 4% No Data Rate ([dagger]) * The principle investigator was absent at those VETCAPs.
Although NGOs referred several trafficking victims to the Department of Social Welfare for assistance, the VFU did not report investigating any of these cases.
Although the government lacked resources to provide protective services, VFU and immigration officials utilized an established process for referring victims to international organizations and NGOs that provide shelter and other services.
VFU and IOM officers jointly interviewed and referred victims to multiple NGOs for shelter, health care, counseling, and reintegration services.
Contract award: "CEITEC - electrophoresis with accessories - VFU - Part 1".