VGBFVereinigung für Gefahrstoff und Brandschutzforschung
VGBFVirtual Global Biodiversity Forum
VGBFVästergötlands Bowlingförbund (Mariestad, Sweden)
VGBFvariable graph blocking factor
VGBFvon Bertalanffy growth function
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The mortality rate estimates in the present study are from length converted catch curve analysis and Beverton and Holt (1957) method which require the input values of VGBF growth parameters and therefore the growth curve will directly affect on the mortality rates (Issac, 1990).
These differences were also evident in plots of bootstrap parameter estimates, the two sites being clearly separated in the parameter space, and showed none of the high nonlinear correlations evident in the standard VGBF estimates (Fig.
The VGBF also showed that both male and female halibut in central areas on average were larger than halibut from southern California.