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VGCCVance-Granville Community College (Henderson, NC)
VGCCVoltage-Gated Calcium Channel (antibody)
VGCCVietnam Golf and Country Club
VGCCVintage Gas Competition Coupe (cars)
VGCCValley Gardens Community Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
VGCCVienna Global Custom Cars (Austria)
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Danny Wright, chair of the VGCC Board of Trustees, called the recognition "a well-deserved honor for Dr.
The plan helped VGCC add seven new curriculum degree programs and increase student support services, student achievement and completion, in addition to creating workforce partnerships for students to have experiential learning.
Looking back on his experience, Paul said that his favorite classes at VGCC were his math, science and Spanish classes.
I remember I was on the VGCC campus when I found out," Peter said.
51) This activity-dependent VGCC facilitation depends upon [Ca.
This EGTA sensitivity constrains primed vesicles outside of VGCC clusters (Fig.
Because calcium release from internal stores is secondary to calcium influx or to activation of metabotropic glutamate receptors, the calcium signal issuing from the internal stores is of longer duration when compared with the direct calcium influx through VGCCs and NMDAR.
The location of calcium influx can be determined by different channel types--for example, if VGCCs and NMDARs are located in different areas (Fig.
La velocidad del proceso de excitacion-secrecion (microsegundos) en la porcion especializada del terminal nervioso presinaptico, conocida como zona activa, implica una vecindad muy estrecha entre los VGCC presinapticos y la maquinaria exocitotica.
v][beta] plaques in cnidocytes mirror the expression pattern of some subtypes of VGCC complexes in hair cells of vertebrates (Layton et al.
Tart is 70, but he said no one in the school administration talks much about his future retirement from VGCC because it's difficult to hire teachers in his field "at this level.