VGDVga Display Driver
VGDVanguard (video game)
VGDVulnerable Group Development (Bangladesh; World Food Programme)
VGDVerband der Geschichtslehrer Deutschlands (Germany)
VGDVideo Game Depot
VGDVirtual Geography Department (various locations)
VGDVideo Gaming Device
VGDVogue la Galère Distribution (French: Vogue Galley Distribution; Belgium)
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The corruption is found in the lines of the road construction, river, khal and beel digging, VGD and VGF activities.
The member selection of the VGD and VGF is almost depends on the relations of the chairman and the members of the union council.
e the union of words of natural language, the type of objects contains in a Web page and the set of positive real numbers) we define the 5 relations VGD, EGD, [phi]GD, [rho]v GD, [rho]e GD as follows:
VGD [subset or equal to] DGD:VGD = {v|v [member of] V}
VGD covers the whole set of vertices of a WPGraph, EGD covers the set of edges of a WPGraph (without taking the orientation of the edges into account).
omega] [there exists]v [member of] VGD v = [omega] [conjunction] [phi]GD ([omega] = ([epsilon], [perpendicular to]) [conjunction] [rho]vGD ([omega])[greater than or equal to] 0 2.