VGGVery Good Game
VGGVisual Graphics Generator
VGGVictoria Government Gazette (Victoria, Australia)
VGGVisual Geometry Group (UK)
VGGVancouver Gaming Guild (Canada)
VGGVery Great Game
VGGVeterans Gaming Group
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The merger with the VGG Group will create a leading waste-to-product business in the Benelux region, one of the most advanced recycling markets in the world.
The general structure of CNNs for three different architectures: AlexNet, VGG and CaffeRef.
As equacoes de predicao derivadas na populacao de descoberta sao entao usadas na predicao dos VGGs ou fenotipos futuros dos candidatos a selecao.
Todos esses arquivos foram analisados para o computo dos VGGs nas populacoes de estimacao e de validacao.
Ann's internship activities, supported by the partnership with the VGG, were numerous, far-reaching, and lasting.
During the very early phases of project development, an individual who served as the Lands Manager for the NRD played a pivotal role in coordinating elements of the IPY proposal, which included writing key sections on behalf of the VGG and organizing and leading the community-researcher meeting in 2007.
AEC continues to screen a wide range of opportunities including Geothermal Ground Loop, energy efficiency and energy storage projects and we enthusiastically welcome VGG and expect this to be the beginning of a fruitful relationship with Doug and his team.
VGG ), offering wider commercial benefits for EWSI and its affiliates.