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VHIVoluntary Health Insurance (Irish health insurance provider)
VHIVirginia Health Information
VHIVeterans Health Initiative
VHIVerastream Host Integrator (WRQ Inc.)
VHIVan Hall Instituut (Dutch: Van Hall Institute; Wageningen University and Research Centre; Netherlands)
VHIVogon Heavy Industries (Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams)
VHIVoice Handicap Index (laryngology)
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VHI publishes reports and consumer guides on health insurance, hospitals, HMOs, nursing facilities, physicians and other topics at www.
VHI is the country's largest private health insurer with about one million customers and an income of [euro]1.
However, in legal correspondence with the IMO, it was revealed Mr McNeice is also seeking almost [euro]10,000 for his family's VHI payments for 2013.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not VHI was as effective as MHI in clearing sputum secretions from patients receiving mechanical ventilation in ICUs at an acute tertiary ICU.
There is a paucity of studies examining the efficacy of VHI as a physiotherapy treatment.
2) The VHI was subsequently used in clinical research to measure voice changes after therapy.
According to VHI president Llaguno, Latin America leads the world in protecting the unborn.
Competitor VHI is also said to be launching a new set of products on the same day.
As a global market leader in this field, VHI applications facilitate highly interactive, self-paced learning and instructor-led, distributed team training on the Virtual Heroes Advanced Learning Technology (A.
The expert is of the opinion that it is associated with high risk and costs within the VHI.
The new prices will see two thirds of VHI customers having to pay an average of 15 per cent more per month with others having to deal with a rise of 45 per cent.
As director of visual development, Sato will work with all VHI artists, engineers and game designers to create new and innovative designs for VHI projects.