VIACVisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge
VIACVermont Institute for Artisan Cheese
VIACVietnam International Arbitration Centre
VIACVascular Invasion-Associated Change
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A further development in the understanding of the model came about when Laing, Dunn and Hughes-Lucas (2010) provided a broader perspective of the model by encompassing the VIAC elements and their underlying constructs delineated into three the stages of the procedure for application of the model.
The VIAC is receptive to the aid of the court and must rely on courts outside of its jurisdiction to enforce its demands; and
306) Magistrate Judge Brown then cited In re Roz Trading, which held that a private foreign arbitration under the VIAC Rules qualified for judicial assistance under the statute, concluding that "an arbitral tribunal established by international treaty should be considered an international tribunal under [section] 1782.
For instance, in In re Roz Trading, the district court concluded that the VIAC likely would be receptive to the aid offered by a U.
VIAC vehicles will be equipped with specially-designed Smartphones that monitor CO2 levels, providing a live stream of data to the web via twitter, @greenhaviour, throughout the journey.
VIAC is an Iowa-domiciled life insurance company that reported $60 billion of statutory admitted assets as of Sept.
However, the sale of VIAC also includes the majority of Voya's ongoing retail annuity business, which has been a meaningful and relatively stable source of earnings and cash flow.
The VIAC is an outgrowth of the Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship created in 2000 by the University of Vermont and Cornell University from an FDA grant.
The VIAC arbitral tribunal supported Alpiq s position with respect to the essential parts of the claim.