VIAFVirtual International Authority File
VIAFVirtual Italian Air Force
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Very likely, had data from WorldCat, VIAF, and Discogs been available as linked data for machines to make inferences beyond the known, and somewhat incorrect, information.
Notable progress on publishing vocabularies and authorities, such as VIAF and the id.
VIAF and national library vocabulary services are big central nodes in a Linked Data world, but it's your library and mine that build the web around our local resources.
How much British library databases and VIAF linked authority records may solve the need for Krummel's "directory" in years to come remains to be seen, as well as the whole concept of bibliography in toto.
The original goal of the VIAF project was to reduce cataloging costs by providing access to authority, records worldwide.
Among topics discussed were: RDA--a new cataloguing standard, using VIAF (Virtual International Authority File) in cataloguing music, and rules fro creating genre/ form subject headings for music.
The VIAF links together not only authority files, but also compares all headings in bibliographic records to help systems decide what headings in the various authority files should be linked together.