VIAMVekua Institute of Applied Mathematics (Georgia)
VIAMVaccine Information and Action in Maryland (Bethesda, MD)
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Among the visual test assessed, VILI seems to be particularly promising, detecting 75 per cent of all cases of HSIL compared with VIA and VIAM which detected less than two third of cases.
3 is one of four VIAM buildings, plus a fifth, VICAM, located in the park.
VIAM's growth can be attributed to our customers' confidence in our ability to deliver a high quality product," says Keith Hayes, VIAM COO.
VIAM Mexico, which Japan Vilene owns fully, will begin making floor mats in October to serve U.
the next day in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, VIAM staffers are on the phones with top Vietnamese experts in law, taxes, government trends, industries, and other topics most- asked about by his knowledge-thirsty subscribers, keeping contact and assigning stories.
CONTACT: VIAM Communications, 212-725-1717, or fax, 212-545-7353/
I think that Americans will be surprised at the amount of opportunity that exists in Vietnam," expressed VIAM founder Kenny Felberbaum last night on CNN's Money Line.
VIAM publishes the Vietnam Business Yellow Pages, which is the first country-wide telephone directory for Vietnam.
VIAM Communications Group also publishes The Vietnam Business Yellow Pages, Vietnam's first nation wide business directory.
CO: Vietnam Business Journal; VIAM Communications Group ST: New
VIAM Director Kenneth Felberbaum said "The idea for the yellow pages grew out of our own frustration in trying to obtain accurate information on Vietnamese companies.
This was reversed in the second experimental stage in which group A was subjected to the RIHS and VIAMS while group B was the control and received the RIHS.