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VIASVienna Institute for Archaeological Science (Austria)
VIASVictorian Institute of Animal Science
VIASVienna International Airport Security Services, GmbH (Flughafen Wien; Austria)
VIASVisualization Information Archival/Retrieval Service (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
VIASVietnam Institute for America Studies
VIASVideo Image Analyzing System
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If the via has less cross-sectional area than the conductor, then multiple vias can be used to maintain the same cross-sectional area as the conductor.
Small vias on HASL finished boards (leaded or lead-free) often look closed, but will melt through in the reflow oven.
They are: thermal management, reliable co-design and simulation tools, industrial wafer-to-wafer bonding tools, low-cost through-wafer via structures and via fill processes.
The other reason is attributed to silkscreen; tenting the vias will permit more room for any required silk.
Vias are actually very nonuniform, and in some cases, depending on the application, require use of a 3D field-solver to be properly characterized and simulated.
There are no universally good approximations to estimate the electrical properties of single-ended or differential vias.
The new system is designed in such a way that it delivers maximum throughput for via formation in copper for HDI as well as in non-reinforced dielectrics for IC packaging applications.
As ASIC and microprocessor vendors move toward full array flip chips on ever tighter bump pitches, exploiting the benefits of reducing die size and improving performance by placing vias on the same pitch as the die will be a key to competitive differentiation.
8 mm, aligning the vias cannot be done because there isn't enough room between the ball pads for via patterns; in fact most of the time, there is only room to put the vias in the pads.