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VIASAVenezolana Internacional de Aviación S.A (national airline of Venezuela)
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Para este mes, el Estado venezolano todavia no habia cumplido con el compromiso contraido hacia cuatro meses con los jubilados de la desaparecida aerolinea Viasa.
We arrived at Viasa, East Wing Building, Area #2, at 12:50 p.
With [Venezuela's] Viasa going down, we're hoping to get more destinations," Posada said, adding, "We will place the airline with the best strategic partner.
Travel and Tourism Administration under President Ronald Reagan, and Shugrue have signed up a number of marketing partners: Aeromexico, Aero Costa Rica, Air Ukraine, Egyptair, Venezuela's Viasa, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Mexico's Taesa - with Aer Lingus and various Pacific carriers holding off until Pan Am is flying.
The Iberian Alliance, grouping Iberia of Spain, Aerolineas Argentinas, TAP of Portugal and Viasa of Venezuela.
Among major deals: in 1991, leading a team that sold a controlling interest in the Venezuelan airline Viasa to an Iberian Airlines-led group for $145 million; two years earlier he led a group that helped Iberian Airlines buy Aerolinas Argentina for $500 million and in another deal provided $150 million in project financing for Texaco and California Edison.
In addition to AeroPeru, other member airlines in the Pan Am marketing partnership include Viasa of Venezuela, Icelandair, Royal Jordanian, Cayman Airways, EgyptAir, Air Ukraine, Taesa of Mexico, Aero Costa Rica, Spain's Air Europa, Asiana of Korea, BWIA International, Faucett of Peru, Finnair, SAETA of Ecuador and Virgin Atlantic Airways.
The offices of the Spanish airline Iberia in Caracas, Venezuela were raided by Venezuelan authorities yesterday (23 November) as a part of an investigation into fraud at Viasa, a defunct Venezuelan airline.
In the airline industry, government-owned carriers like Aerolineas Argentinas, Viasa and Air Panama were privatized or went out of business.
Las estadounidenses United y American declaraban ganancias record prestando servicios a viajeros de negocios del sector petrolero y las lineas venezolanas pensaban que podrian beneficiarse de la asignacion de las rutas internacionales de Viasa.
The first group of international carriers to work with Pan Am in forming the Alliance are Viasa of Venezuela, Icelandair, Royal Jordanian, Cayman Airways, APA International of the Dominican Republic, Egyptair, Air Ukraine and Taesa of Mexico.
Flights aboard new Boeing DC-10s will go to Madrid, Tenerife and Santiago de Compostela, the routes that Avensa assumed after Venezuelan carrier Viasa went out of business.