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VIBVerliebt in Berlin (German soap opera: In love in Berlin)
VIBVideo Image Buffer
VIBVirtual Library
VIBVlaams Interuniversitair Instituut Voor Biotechnologie (Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology)
VIBVMware Installation Bundle (software)
VIBVirginia Industries for the Blind
VIBVertical Integration Building
VIBVisual Interface Builder (software)
VIBVast Interface Bulletin
VIBVerastream Information Broker (WRQ Inc.)
VIBVirus Inclusion Body
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Under the terms of the agreement, VIB will lead the preclinical development of the new projects and will increase its stake in the company, while ThromboGenics (EBR: THR) will continue to be the majority shareholder.
VIB Discovery Sciences will take the lead in the pre- clinical development of these new projects.
Oncurious is a joint venture between ThromboGenics and VIB, a leading life science research institute in Flanders (Belgium).
Several of the current Super Servmart VIB employees were then introduced to the students.
Gimv and VIB had also previously invested in the company.
ML] found in the SB test under the VIB condition is in contrast with previous research [26-28] that showed improved performance in a sample of persons with reduced vestibular function.
VIB will use the proceeds from the stake sale to enhance its risk control and customer services.
The subjects performed an exercise program comprising a series of body-weight squat exercises under No-VIB and VIB conditions in a randomized order on different days within 1 week.
The Australian bank will take a 20 per cent stake in VIB and hold two seats in the board of VIB.
As part of a large stimulus project, in 1996, the Flanders' Government decided to establish VIB, the Flemish Interuniversity Institute of Biotechnology.
Within seconds, the #4 VIB HIGH caution light illuminated and he was forced to reduce another engine to idle.
Director of Visitors' Information Bureaux at Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Salah Rashid Al Ansari, said the new VIB is operated as part of DTCM's relentless efforts to set up a one-stop information shop for tourists in Dubai.