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VICARVideo Image Communication and Retrieval
VICARVisual Colorimeter for Atmospheric Research
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But my mother always gives way," said the Vicar, slyly.
Lydgate away to my study, mother," said the Vicar, laughing.
In short, it was plain that a vicar might be adored by his womankind as the king of men and preachers, and yet be held by them to stand in much need of their direction.
My mother is not used to my having visitors who can take any interest in my hobbies," said the Vicar, as he opened the door of his study, which was indeed as bare of luxuries for the body as the ladies had implied, unless a short porcelain pipe and a tobacco-box were to be excepted.
See," continued the Vicar, opening several small drawers, "I fancy I have made an exhaustive study of the entomology of this district.
Lydgate was more surprised at the openness of this talk than at its implied meaning--that the Vicar felt himself not altogether in the right vocation.
The Vicar, while he talked in this way, alternately moved about with his pipe in his mouth, and returned to hang rather fondly over his drawers.
She took from the top of the harmonium the large Bible and the prayer-book from which the Vicar was accustomed to read prayers, and put them on Philip's chair.
Philip perched himself on the books, and the Vicar, having said grace, cut the top off his egg.
It had never occurred to the straightforward and simple-minded Vicar that one of his own flesh and blood could come to this
He answered evasively, "If the vicar doesn't come, the doctor will.
In the Vicar of Wakefield Goldsmith drew for us a picture of quiet, fireside family life such as no one before, or perhaps since, has drawn.