VIEPVictorian Industry Education Partnerships (Australia)
VIEPVirtual Institute of Early Pregnancy (Columbia University; New York)
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1 The contract is 3 independent supply of measurement equipment and auxiliary equipment for VIEP in Warsaw in accordance with the description of the contract contained in Chapter II of the tender documents.
The aim of the study is to support the implementation of the Environmental Protection Inspection system EKOINFONET in the field of database and application for the monitoring of noise - SI EHALAS by introducing the necessary modifications to the SI EHALAS, the transfer of noise monitoring data into the system, the provision of helpdesk services for employees VIEP, conducting IT training for VIEP employees and CIEP, the development of a substantive guide containing detailed instructions for operating the system, as well as providing technical support.
Contract award: Shipping 3 pcs niskoprzeplywowych pobornikEw particulate matter for VIEP Katowice.