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VINTVerkenningsinstituut Nieuwe Technologie (Dutch: Exploring New Technology Institute; Netherlands)
VINTVirtual InterNetwork Testbed (network simulator project)
VINTVideo Integrate
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To add surface texture and depth variance, every remodeled VINT has a centrally located signature raw wood wall, and raw wood around a pared down simpler authentic chalkboard styled menu boards that suggest straightforward authenticity and quality.
Most critics view stories by the late Octavia Butler through racial (not postracial) lenses, but Vint foregrounds the biological speculation in her Xenogenesis trilogy (1987-89).
The North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce sponsors the weekly luncheons, and Vint chairs the chamber's sports committee.
Martin Vint, 19, had been out of prison for only three days when he was arrested again by the police, said prosecutor David Wilkinson.
Garrels reads this as a journal/diary punctuated with readings by her husband, Vint Lawrence, of e-mails he sent to family and friends.
Mais bientot, tine autre source de developpement vint dominer l'economie de la region: l'industrie forestiere.
Vint Cerf has termed it "a source book for the history of the future.
The Potomac Tracon, located at Vint Hill in Fauquier County, Virginia, will consolidate the existing terminal radar control facilities at Baltimore-Washington International, Dulles International and Reagan Washington National airports and Andrews Air Force Base.
The Army's Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) has completed relocation of its Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate (IEWD) formerly located at Vint Hill Farms Station (Warrenton, VA), giving it a new home and a new name.
This comment is not meant to imply that Vint has not taken his subject seriously, for he has.
Vint Cerf, one of the Internet's founding fathers and Google's chief Internet evangelist, has been unanimously elected chair of StopBadware's board of directors.
Each of the new Phidgets are controlled via the new VINT protocol, fitting into Phidgets' new philosophy of modularity and customizability.