VIRCVibrating Intrinsic Reverberation Chamber (electromagnetics)
VIRCVashon Island Rowing Club (Vashon, WA)
VIRCVancouver Island Recreational Corridor (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)
VIRCVisual Internet Relay Chat
VIRCVirtual Interdisciplinary Research Centre (UK)
VIRCVirtual Internet Relay Chat
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sites in gene (%) Synonymous Nonsynonymous Gene mutations mutations Ka:Ks VirC 2/291 (0.
The VIRC, the capstone of the hospital's Neuroscience Center of Excellence, offers physicians in the community and the residents of Tarrant County a comprehensive program to treat all neurovascular conditions with non-surgical and surgical techniques.
A PCR analysis to test for the presence of a conserved region of the virC gene of Agrobacterium was also performed on these 21 plants using the primers 5'-ATGATI'TGTAGCGGACT-3' and 5'-AGCTCAACCTG CTTC-3' (Sawada et al.
VirD2 protein becomes attached to the 5' end of the T-strand; VirC coats the single-stranded T-DNA as a protectant against nucleases.
Popular chat-specific software often includes the IRC designation in its name, such as mIRC, PIRCH, VIRC, OrbitIRC, and EZ-IRC.