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VIRGOSVector and Image Integration for Remote-Sensing and Geographical Information System
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We don't want Scorpios or Virgos, and Capricorns, Pisces and Libras will be prioritised," the job spec reads, according to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, a local newspaper in Wuhan.
Ambitious Virgos can come to the fore and you could steer a bright new path, especially in the second half of the year.
I think that four out of five of Blues' defenders is a hell of a ratio, it's not just a coincidence because you don't get many Virgos up front.
FAMOUS VIRGOS PICTURED ABOVE: Cameron Diaz; Beyonce; Billy Ray Cyrus; Gloria Estefan; Greta Garbo; Hugh Grant; Jada Pinkett-Smith; Jason Priestley; Keanu Reeves; Leeanne Rimes; Macauley Culkin; Marc Anthony; Mickey Rourke; Mother Teresa; Pink; Richard Gere; Sean Connery; Shania Twain; White; Sofia Loren
Jeremy Podeswa's Eclipse was a festival hit in 1994 but, like Virgo, it took five years for him to make his second feature.
However, like any challenge to the male pride, you may see the Virgo woman as a great prize to conquer.
IF YOU'RE A VIRGO YOUR need to know what's going on with everyone else led to a lot of problems in 2010, but thank goodness this year shows you reaping the benefit of these painful lessons.