VIReCVA Information Resource Center
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There are valuable, user-focused resources such as the VHA data portal (an online gateway to VHA data information, resources, and training), VIReC (a resource center designated to provide guidance to VHA researchers using data), and VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (an environment that provides researchers access to analytical tools and clinical and administrative data sets).
Washington (DC): VIReC Database & Methods Cyberseminar Series, Department of Veterans Affairs; 2014 [cited 2015 Feb 10].
VIReC research user guide: VHA Decision Support System (DSS) clinical national data extracts (NDEs) FY2000 FY2004 [Internet].
The difference between the 1999 VIReC Medicare coverage and the sampling frame coverage of those 74 and older comprises younger Medicare-eligible veterans, those deceased between 1999 and 2008, as well as sampling frame noncoverage, underscoring the potential contribution of adding VA-Medicare data.
VIReC extracted Medicare eligibility and utilization records for these triply enrolled veterans for the project's analyses.
VIReC research user guide: FY2004 VHA Medical SAS Inpatient dataset.
VIReC technical report 1: Comparison of VA outpatient prescriptions in the DSS datasets and the PBM database.
The Medical SAS Inpatient and Outpatient Datasets--FY2000: A VIReC Resource Guide.