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VISCVirginia Tech Information Systems Center
VISCVisualization In Scientific Computing
VISCVisual Information Support Center
VISCVitreous Infusion Suction Cutter (used to create a posterior sclerotomy)
VISCVitreous Infusion Suction Cutter (ophthalmological instrument)
VISCVeterinary Insurance Services Company (Sacramento, CA)
VISCVisual Information Service Center
VISCVoluntary Indicative Scale of Contributions (UNEP Environment Fund)
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Industry executives associated VISC's earlier end to the agreement with the company's loss caused by collapse of DRAM market during the global financial tsunami that broke out in September 2008, and estimated that ending the deal would help VISC return to profitability and boost its 2010 gross margin to 15-20%.
What is plaguing VISC has also hit chip packaging and test houses specializing in LCD drive IC like Chipbond Technology Co.
A global late-stage startup has come out of stealth mode with some significant claims for its new microprocessor architecture, VISC, including the promise of a 2-4 times boost in performance over established architectures.