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VISCVirginia Tech Information Systems Center
VISCVisualization In Scientific Computing
VISCVisual Information Support Center
VISCVitreous Infusion Suction Cutter (used to create a posterior sclerotomy)
VISCVitreous Infusion Suction Cutter (ophthalmological instrument)
VISCVeterinary Insurance Services Company (Sacramento, CA)
VISCVisual Information Service Center
VISCVoluntary Indicative Scale of Contributions (UNEP Environment Fund)
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Speaking at the unveiling, Soft Machines co-founder, vice chairman and chief executive Mahesh Lingaredd, said : 'I believe VISC ushers in the third wave of computer architecture.
Industry executives associated VISC's earlier end to the agreement with the company's loss caused by collapse of DRAM market during the global financial tsunami that broke out in September 2008, and estimated that ending the deal would help VISC return to profitability and boost its 2010 gross margin to 15-20%.
Allergy Loratadine 10MG TAB Loratadine 5MG/5ML SYP Analgesics Antipy/Benzo Otic SOL Baclofen 10MG TAB Cyclobenzaprine 10MG TAB Cyclobenzaprine 5MG TAB Lidocaine 2% VISC SOL Tramadol HCL 50MG TAB Anti-anxiety Busiprone 5MG Busiprone 10 MG Anti-inflammatory Betameth DIP 0.
6MG TAB Hydrocortisone AC 25MG SUP Lidocaine 2% VISC SOL Oxybutynin 5MG TAB Oncology/Cancer Megestrol 20MG Parkinson's Benztropine 2MG TAB Trihexyphenadyl 2MG TAB Seizure Carbamazepine 200MG TAB Thyroid Levothyroxin 100MCG TAB Levothyroxin 125MCG TAB Levothyroxin 150MCG TAB Levothyroxin 25MCG TAB Levothyroxin 50MCG TAB Levothyroxin 75MCG TAB Levothyroxin 88MCG TAB Levothyroxin 112MCG TAB Levothyroxin 175MCG TAB Vitamins Ethedent 0.